Website Maintenance

Creating a website is very crucial for every company, however, it cannot guarantee you a success. Even though your website is unique and eye-catching, it does not mean that it is functioning properly, actually, it could even be counter-productive. Imagine the situation when somebody is visiting your website and the first information that he can find there, is a warning that this website could be infected by viruses. The first impression is really bad and it is the easiest way to lose your clients. Therefore you cannot forget that your website is like a business card of your whole company. These days it is very important to take care of your website, as it is becoming one of the main sources of advertisement.

That is why our company decided to help you with website maintenance. We will take care of your website, so it will be more attractive and it will help you to recruit new clients and retain those who have already trusted you. Moreover you do not have to pay for 100 hours in advance and you do not have to decide how many hours we should be working on your website per month, because we will spent as much time as it will be needed. Therefore, we will try to do our best to improve your website and take care of it, however, when our work will be done, you will have to pay only for as many hours as we actually worked. In one month it could be 40 hours and in the next one only 20. It will help you to save your money, too!

Price list

Option Stanadard Medium Business Gold
quantity of hours
up to 20h up to 60h up to 100h over 1000h
15 € 13 € 11 € 9 €

*Monthly minimum if you do not reach 10 h is 80 €


  • Creating a new software
  • Making changes on existing software
  • HTML 5
  • RWD – Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Soap
  • PHP, MySQL, postgreSQL
  • CSS
  • Ajax, XML
  • Zend
  • API

If you are interested or if you have any aquestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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