Settlement for customer acquisition

Do you have movement on your website but could sell more?
Costs of promotion are not compatible with your benefits?
You do not know how much actually costs you to acquire customer, to whom you sell the products?

Do not pay for those who come, only for those who buy and start counting your effects.

For example, if you buy a banner ad, what you care more about:

  • number of people who click on banner
  • or number of people who will buy your product from among those who clicked on banner

As a reseller you are interested in the end result – finalized sale.
This is a measurable value of promotion.
It’s fair, that you pay only for obtaining the customer who bought your product or service.


We provide clear rules of cooperation. We deal with marketing, you with customer service. You account only for effect – the revenue or income from sales. No risk, and you know exactly what you pay for. Fair?
Forget about complicated algorithms.

Paying only for the effect:

you can easly calculate how much it costs you to acquire a buyer for your product


you can judge the effectiveness of promotion in simple and measurable way


We are partners in each part of our cooperation

Remember that your profit depends on our team which consist experienced and talented graphic designers, programmers and marketers. Business must be profitable for both sites, that’s why cooperation with us is a good deal.
For one of our customers we achieve 4-5 digit income from sales per month, and we managed to increase the same sale about 10 times.

Do you want to pay only for the acquisition of the customer, who bought? Contact us – we will tell you if that kind of promotion model is possible for your business.

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