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SEM – Engine Marketing, is a professional tool in the field of Internet Marketing. Its purpose is to ensure the highest position in search engine service, and reach directly to the target audience that may be interested in a quotation or product.


Below we present you statistical data related to user activity search. The study was conducted by Chitika company. *Chitika company.*

91.5% of users find the right results on 1 page

32.5% of users click on first position on the first page, and 17.6% of them on second one

there is about 140% difference between clicking on last position(10) on first side and first on the second(11)

only 4.8% of users goes to the search engine page 2

*report 2013

Pay PerClick

PPC (pay per click) is that you pay for each click on a link to your site by the customer. PPC are usually labeled as ads or “sponsored links” and appear in the search engine above or next to search results.

Services like PPC allowed you to pay only for clicks and redirects, that means only when customer clicks on the link to your website and connect. PPC will make that key word and ads to your website will be immediately added to the major search engines. It is an effective way to attract the target group of customers to your website. It is also the best return on investment.

PPC is a very good initial solution, at the same time it forces campaigning on a high level. Our specialists in Google Ads campaigns ensure that you get the maximum reimbursement of expenses of running online marketing.

Ethics in PPC

Reasonable pricing of suitable keywords is the hallmark of our services. We pause in front of the high valuation of competitive keywords and replace them accordingly similar keywords in good price. This combined with the selected ads generate maximum number of clicks, while reducing the cost per click (CPC).

Advertising PPC search engine allows you to choose such keywords, which you want your website to be sought out. You pay only when someone clicks on search results. If one million people will see your ad and only one person clicks on it, you pay only for this one person. The more you are willing to pay for a single click, the better your page will appear in a higher position, with your selected keywords. Did you know that if your ad on Google Ads will be click more times, it could make it placed ahead of the competition, which pays more for a single click ?! Think about it!

Price list

  • creating a campaign: 35£
  • monthly service: 10% of the budget (not less than 20£ )

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