Facebook campaign

Nowadays having an account on Facebook is an indispensable element on the functioning of any business. This is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, social media tool that allows to maintain contact with customers and to attracts a wide audience of the services or products.

However, the existence of social media does not determine the success of the company. It is not enough just there “to be” it must “work” and interacts with users, and this will be our company.


727 millions active users per day

874 millions active mobile users per month

1,19 billiard active users per month


80% daily usres are located outside the USA and Canada

The Benefits of running account:

  • conducting effective PR activities
  • creating images of modern business
  • creating brand awareness
  • engaging potential clients in life of the company
  • reminding customers of the company – through the emergence of new posts on the board
  • improves communication efficiency in the way B2C
  • advertising new products, services and solutions
  • creating viral marketing which is one of the most effective forms of promotion
  • low costs


Monthly fee- 65£*
*price includes 1 post per week



  • Competitions are organized once per month at the request of customer. Cost of reward and shipping are paid by customer. There is a possibility to organize more competitions after individual consultation with Tomsky Internet Marketing company.
  • We do not tie our customers with long-term contracts. You can cancel the service account maintenance a month in advance.
  • Contract for an indefinite period, the monthly notice period

Extra services:

  • If you have any other preferences or requirements than those included in the contract version,
  • If you are interested we can create a new Facebook account for you. Including:

– Creating an account on Facebook
– Creating photo gallery- eg. Portfolio
– Adding information about company
– Adding profile picture and background picture
– Preparating a navigation map to the company, price: 40£

Intrested persons are welcomed to contact.


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Abandoning our services you lose chance to attract the attention of the customer!