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Integration with wholesaler WordPress WooCommerce PrestaShop

Integration with wholesaler WordPress WooCommerce PrestaShop

In our offer, there is an opportunity for integration of various wholesalers with the system WordPress WooCommerce and PrestaShop. We can create for you this integration, for example, with the wholesale, which specializes in delivering products to your shop. Integration with wholesale WordPress WooCommerce PrestaShop will provide you a very easy and quick way to access a large number of products, which will increase your probability of making a purchase on your website by your visitors and this will provide you a high probability of increasing your profits.

If you have got a website where you sell various products, we can offer a perfect solution for you! Thanks to integration with a wholesaler your product resources will increase, and due to the popularity and reliability of the offered brands, you can be sure that such a solution will make them advantageous. Additionally, integration with the wholesale WordPress WooCommerce PrestaShop which we can do for you is fast and gives you many opportunities.

Thanks to integration with wholesale, you will be able to:

– automatic import and insertion of selected products to the website from wholesalers and that will be including the description, parameters, price, photos of the product, the quantity available, etc.,

– automatic updating of the items position in the warehouse and the number of selected products,

– only selected products will be updated

Integration with wholesaler gives you the opportunity to place products for many different brands on your website in a very simple and fast way.

Do not wait and take the opportunity as some of our clients have already done! You can see how the integrated page looks like with the sample warehouse in the attached screenshots:

The customer has used the integration service with the VMP wholesaler of products such as Alpha Male, Cornette, Henderson, Key, L & L, Marko, Pierre Cardin, and Taro. As you can see on attached pictures, products look good on the website. What is more, the photos show products in an attractive way and after entering on the specific product there is information about price, size, colour quantity and full description.

In our offer, you will find possibilities such as: Wholesale Integration WordPress Wholesale Integration WooCommerce Wholesale Integration PrestaShop

Below you can find screenshots of sample integration with WordPress’s WooCommerce PrestaShop wholesale:

No matter on what platform you have got your website, we are able to implement such integration for you!

We confidence you to contact us and discuss the details of our cooperation, depending on the number of integrated products, we will make for you an individual valuation.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information about our offer.

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