How to transfer Etsy to an online store?

jak przenieść etsy na sklep internetowyMarket research indicates that more and more people prefer online shopping. The most popular products are clothes, footwear, electronics and cosmetics. The increasing value of online sales is slowly becoming a guarantee of success in running your own online store. E-shopping is a convenient and irreplaceable form of stocking items from each assortment. The biggest advantage of such a solution is a cashless payment method and delivery of products directly to your home. Since the e-commerce market is growing at such a rapid pace, it is the best time to open your own e-store. Thanks to this, you’ll have the chance to open up to a wide group of customers and meet their expectations. However, if you have been selling your products through one of the platforms such as Allegro or Etsy so far, maybe it’s time to change? How to transfer Etsy to an online store?

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a platform that allows people looking for unique products to contact independent sellers from around the world. The platform offers a selection of millions of hand-made products, vintage items and handicraft materials created and selected by independent sellers. What is unique about this platform and its users? Each product posted on the Etsy platform is offered and sold by a person who either made it himself or chose it himself, which is the case with vintage items and handicraft materials. By ordering on Etsy, buyers support independent sellers who manage their inventory and orders themselves. However, if you only sell on Etsy, you may want to consider starting your own online store. The task isn’t difficult. You can not only create your own website, but also easily transfer all elements from the Etsy platform to your online store.

How to transfer Etsy to an online store?

Running an e-store can be a separate activity or complement our traditional sales. Statistics show that customers are increasingly choosing virtual shopping because of the convenience and access to a wide range of products in one place, without leaving home. Setting up an online store will also be a great opportunity to improve our communication with customers. You will be able to easily monitor and learn about consumer preferences, thanks to which you will precisely define and adapt the offer to the users profile. The online store is open 24 hours a day, all year round, thanks to which the customer can make a purchase at any time, from anywhere in country or even the world.

If you want to move your Esty store to an online store, please contact us. We will do it quickly and easily, and you will be able to enjoy your own site.

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